Newlyweds shun first dance in favour of first FIGHT as wedding guests watch on

A couple of newlyweds stunned their wedding guests when they shunned their first dance in favour of a ‘first fight’.

Danie and Matthew Ness enjoyed a fairytale-themed wedding but shocked attendees when they topped it off with a grappling match.

The martial arts enthusiasts thought a fight would suit them a bit better than a first dance on their big day.

Danie, 33, changed out of her white gown and Matthew, 35, out of his suit to grapple as husband and wife to the delight of their family and friends.

Danie said: “The fight was a highlight of the wedding for both of us. All of our 250 guests were very excited, happy and engaged during our fight.

“There was lots of cheering, and everyone got very competitive. They appreciated what we did.

“It was so fun and free-spirited, it got everyone involved, and the open bar made it a very rowdy five minutes.”

Danie said guests were clueless to what was going on at first but the event went down well.

Some of the women in attendance were even inspired to join the brides jiu jitsu group as a result.

The couple decided to let their guests decide who was the ultimate winner – and although it was officially declared a draw, Danie believes she took the edge.

Danie, who works in property, added: “Jiu jitsu is a big part of our relationship and this is now a memory we will have forever.

“I got the idea to do jiu jitsu instead of a dance because my husband is not much of a dancer.

“I thought it might be more memorable and fun to do something different.

“This was also more personal to both of us and was something we could equally enjoy.”

The rest of the wedding was traditional and classic with a fairy-tale theme and standard ceremony.

Danie and Matthew have known each other for 20 years and share mutual long-term friends and have known each other’s families a long time also.

Danie said: “Me and Matthew had always been friends. When we started dating things quickly escalated. We got engaged early on and married promptly after.

“I started training in the art of jiu jitsu in February 2021 and fell in love with it after the very first class.

“I bought matts for their basement and have become an avid competitor in the sport.

“So far, I’ve taken part in six competitions and have achieved a blue belt.

“Matthew has been training for a decade and is an accomplished brown belt.

“We train together five times a week on average, but I’m currently on a break from training and competing as I am pregnant now, following the wedding.”